Safety Rules To Follow Before Towing A Car

A car breakdown can happen to anyone when the engine does not want to work; only towing usually helps, there are a lot Towing Safety rules to consider. For example, the warning lights on the vehicle must still work; otherwise, the towing service has to come immediately. It is also recommended that whoever will tow the broken down car must be experienced.

Car towing cannot be improvised: this can be dangerous if the rules of Towing Safety and driving are not followed. To tow a vehicle: You have to take this into account when the engine suddenly goes off, the driver often has only one thing left: to drive as fast as possible to the edge of the road and call for help. And again, dangerous and annoying is this situation on the highway any time it happens.

Even after a serious accident, the vehicle often cannot move on its own. Usually, a towing service offers the only way out of this unpleasant situation. However, if you can and wants to tow your car yourself and save the cost of calling a towing service, keep reading this Towing Safety post to know what to do!

In this guide, you will learn in which situations you can lend a hand and when it is advisable to call a tow truck. You will also find information about towing costs and advice on the right towing with rod and rope here

Towing A Car Requires:

  • Being familiar with trailer regulations and some safety tips
  • Knowing how to drive a trailer
  • Knowing the basic rules of car towing

Basically, towing a car is only allowed in a real emergency situation, for example, if a vehicle cannot be repaired on the spot of break down, this is according to the Towing Safety Highway Code. A defect in the electronics, a burst radiator or even fuel shortage can justify towing. A van at the junkyard is allowed to tow, provided the vehicle is still registered and there is an insurance coverage.

Do Not Let The Steering Lock Into Place

If a broken car is on the hook, the ignition key in the breakdown car in the ignition lock on the first stage must be stuck so that the steering does not lock; this is a great Towing Safety to always abide with. Tow rope or rod must be approved for the weight of the breakdown car. In addition, the vehicle to be towed should not be much larger and heavier than the towing vehicle.

Using A Tow Bar Is Much Better Than Using A Rope as regard Towing Safety

When choosing the towing device experts recommend the rigid rod. The towing bar ensures a constant distance between both vehicles and prevents the rear door from accidentally opening. Often, the braking effect is significantly reduced in the breakdown vehicle, since with the engine off the brake booster to support missing. The power steering then does not work either, the car is more difficult to steer.

One of the advantages of the towing bar is that this very Towing Safety ensures a higher directional stability and thus better control of the broken down car. This is very important, for example on snow and ice. The only downside is that tow bars are heavier and a lot more expensive than a tow rope.

Attach The Tow Rope To The Eyelets Only

The tow rope must be marked with a flag and should not be longer than five meters. It must never be attached to body parts such as the bumper; only the designated towing lugs on the car provide a secure connection.

No Driver's License For Breakdown Cars Are Necessary

A driver's license is not compulsory for the driver in the broken down car, he or she should only be a minimum age of 15 years. However this Towing Safety rule is considered to be outdated, it dates back to a time when traffic was still significantly lower and the vehicles were not so technically advanced.

Show Direction Changes By Hand Sign

It is strongly recommended in Towing Safety that only experienced drivers take the wheel of both vehicles, they have an unusual extra task because the danger warning lights must remain switched on without interruption during towing on both cars, changes of direction must be indicated by a show of hands. It is easier when turning left than when turning right, with the driver it is best with the hand from the left side window on the car roof pointing to the right.

No Towing If The Danger/Stop Warning Lights Is Not On

Strike after a total failure of the vehicle electrics of the hazard warning lights, towing is taboo. In that case, the car has to be loaded; there is an exception for towing services that use mobile rear light strips. In addition on the Towing Safety, a set in the rear window warning triangle, in any case, makes sense, but it does not replace the hazard warning lights.

Do Not Drive Faster Than 40 Km / H

A car in tow has to be transported by the shortest route to the nearest parking bay or workshop. If the breakdown occurs on the motorway, the next exit must be taken.  Driving in a double on a highway is prohibited. The speed may not exceed 50 km / h; it is advised in Towing Safety not to drive faster than 40 km /h.

Automatic Vehicle Can Only Be Towed Within A Few Kilometers

How far a car can be towed depends on the transmission. Manual switches are less sensitive than automatic models because the drive axle and gearbox are disengaged when the gear is disengaged. An automatic vehicle, on the other hand, can only be pulled safely for a few kilometres in level N, otherwise strong heat generation could cause considerable damage. A few automatic models have a function that can be used to cut the connection between the drive axle and the gearbox.

Lastly, electric cars can also not be safely towed since energy is usually generated via an axle, if the energy flows into the battery without electricity being consumed somewhere else, the power storage units can overheat and, in the worst case, catch fire. But with the Towing Safety tips as well as all the experts towing services available out there, you will never have any problem towing A Car.

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