Luxury Car

Luxury Car is a marketing term used by automobile manufacturers to promote luxury; pleasant or desirable features beyond necessity and of course at a certain expense. This term can be used onto any vehicle type and to any size. Luxury Cars are designed and branded to convey a certain brand, status or prestige, hence targeting at particular socio-economic class. Luxury Cars are usually designed for better performance, better comfort, higher design, highly technologically innovative. However, in today context, luxurious can be perceptual, conditional and subjective that may be comprehended differently.

What Makes a Luxury Car?

Luxury Car normally signifies the leading advantage of safety, comfort, technology, and performance, and a decent luxury car has a distinctive quality that drives beyond wood trim as well as leather material. Upholstery ought to be in an advanced position as compared to those normal cars, with quiet cabins, rich fabric, and luxurious carpets. Basic control facilities, up to level audio systems with Bluetooth connectivity, and automatic weather-controller systems are expected. A lot of luxury models as well provide all-wheel drive and can be had in SUV, coupe, sedan, and convertible body styles.

Key features or characteristics of a Luxury Car?

Engines and Fuel Economy

Fuel Economy is usually not one of the key features when comes to a Luxury Car. However, in the recent years, there are some Luxury Car brands that are available with diesel and hybrid powertrains. Also knows as sports Luxury Car, contemporary Luxury Car often offers higher performance and better handling and of course sacrificing fuel efficiency.

Drive Wheels

While a lot of normal vehicles make use of front-wheel drive, but Luxury Car is characteristically available with all-wheel or back-wheel drive, on the other hand, luxury brands, for example, Lincoln, Lexus, Audi, and Acura provide front-wheel-drive models.


If you expect to carry large or extended cargo, try to find a fold-down back seat with a high, extensive opening to the stalk behind. Even a slight pass-through port can be handy for extended, small items for instance skis. Hybrid Luxury Car models can control stalk space, and both high-end and hybrids models with lolling backspaces may not have a pass-through or a fold-down seatback.

Advanced Safety Features

The newest, modern and most advanced safety features incline to be obtainable in Luxury Car first. Expect an elevated and high quality of safety arrangements to be offered, though on numerous luxury cars (particularly those of German pedigree) such advanced safety features can be elective as well.

Entertainment and Convenience

The newest mobile electronics allow vehicles to provide the loyalty of home theatre, as well as with navigation guidance Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility, and Bluetooth smartphone connectivity. Factory-full systems typically provide voice-activated controls for phone, audio, and navigation with many levels of superiority and sophistication.

Navigation Systems and Connectivity

In-car navigation is a handy feature if you frequently drive in unacquainted area, and even though it would appear to be a clear feature to contain in a luxury car, a lot of high-end luxury cars provides it just as an additional-price selection—frequently at a cost that are more than other typical vehicles, and occasionally bundled with additional luxurious equipment.

What are brands of Luxury Car in Singapore?

Porsche was chosen the best and as one of the most luxurious Luxury Car brand in Singapore, after that Patek Philippe and Bugatti, Rolex and Rolls Royce rounding off the highest and top 5 luxury brands. It is stimulating to note that 3 brands of vehicle make it to the greatest 5 in Singapore, however, in the additional luxury markets, the chief 5 brands are conquered by watch and other jewellery brands. The major cost difference among luxury brands in Singapore and the additional luxury marketplaces can clarify their appearance in the highest here.

The article also considered what visitors in Singapore looked as the most luxurious and expensive categories so as to see exclusive qualities for Singapore. In other luxury markets as well as in Singapore, jewellery was considered as one of the most luxurious in the whole market. For Singaporeans Second in rank, on the other hand, was cars, while luxury cars came in 3rd place behind timepieces in the other marketplaces. Obviously, luxury brands Singapore signify an additional major sign of luxury to persons in Singapore than those outside.

On the other hand, now a question comes to my mind is that how did Porsche rank the highest Luxury Car Singapore out of all brands? Porsche was seen to signify the greatest in terms of uniqueness and high quality, sitting at the highest of the luxury index for the entire luxury brands in Singapore.

How to buy Luxury Car Singapore? By import?

Buying a Luxury Car In Singapore can pretty costly compared to Europe or America – and with decent cause. Importing luxury cars into Singapore is vastly excessive – and extra prices add to the original car price. To handle the development in the number of luxury cars, the government has applied a number of contentious actions to control Luxury Car usage and ownership. These comprise the COE (Certificate of Entitlement), which can much expand the final price.

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