Hatchback Car

Hatchback Car also described as three or five-door (front entry and the hatch) car body configuration where the rear door is able to swing upwards to provide access to an area behind for cargo. Some Hatchback Car any also features fold-down second-row seating, giving the flexibility of re-configuring between passengers vs cargo volume. In some of the models, there will come in other range such as the Ford Focus (2001 – 2007), that offered sedan, wagon and three or five-door hatchback models. However, a Hatchback Car model will typically share a platform, drivetrain and bodywork forward of the A-pillar.

Volkswagen Golf Range of Hatchback Car in Singapore


With more than 40 years of past and crossing 7 generations, the Volkswagen Golf Hatchback Car is still the well-known and one of the best hatchback in the world, with many global prizes to its name. It has a big boot and an open interior, regardless of its compact exterior sizes. It also comes full with advanced features such as a high-resolution touchscreen infotainment system, a TSI turbocharged engine, and a well-organized DSG double-clutch automatic gearbox, the entire of which accomplish good value for money.

Golf R

Come across the top-of-the-line Golf R. It is the fastest and a lot influential series creation Golf ever prepared. With its TSI 2.0-litre turbocharged engine increasing 280 PS, it goes faster from a halt to One Hundred km/h in only five seconds, whereas the normal FOUR-MOTION all-wheel ride system delivers agile grip no matter what the road or climate conditions. The Golf R may be fast enough to disgrace a number of supercars, but it keeps the whole of the things you love regarding the Golf, for example, an open interior and daily realism.

Golf GTI

While the unique Golf GTI prepared its debut in the year 1976, it made a little of a stirring, and for a decent cause, as well. What Volkswagen Hatchback car did was to totally change a hatchback for the family by providing it with the body of a real sports car and fitting an influential engine. Slight has transformed today, for the reason that Golf GTI still has the entire of the usefulness and realism of the Golf, but with a bit additional spring in its stage, to the 220 PS tune created by its TSI turbocharged engine.


Key Benefits of Buying a Hatchback Car Singapore

Loading Will Never Be An Issue

With the ability to convert more space at the booth by folding down the second roll passenger sear, one no longer need to concern regarding foodstuffs and other groceries that are not fitting into a Hatchback Car.


Hatchback Car is not just an inexpensive and low-cost selection for a 4 x 4 ride but it also has lesser consumption of fuel. Even though it is a lighter vehicle with a slighter but powerful engine. The speed of the car is similar to the bigger cars and the responsiveness of the car is better as compared to other larger cars. Being short also means that a full tank of the Hatchback Car will enable you to ride additional yet use a smaller amount of oil.

If you want to know that how a Hatchback Car is different as compared to other sedans? Then the shortest answer to this question is that of cargo access and cargo space. A sedan comes with a trunk and a back window where the cover (hood) of the trunk is hinged below the window in the rear. A Hatchback Car also has a rear window and a cargo space, however the trunk cover hinges above the back window. If there are back seats, at what time bent down, the cargo space is closely increased. This makes a Hatchback Car more popular among peoples as well as families who would love to carry a lot of gear similar to sports gear.

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