Type of Cars


Sedans also know as a saloon, is a kind of traveller vehicle that normally has a 3-box structure with pillars simply composed of 3 major sections namely engine, passenger, and cargo. About the section of the passenger, it contains 2 rows of seats. It ensures that there is sufficient space in the rear section of travellers for adults. Finally, the cargo section is normally at the rear but in some cases, some Sedan has their engines in the back.

Convertible Car

Convertible Car is an automobile body style of car that can transform between an outside mode as well as an enclose mode, means by model and changes in degree. Convertibles Car changed from the previous phaeton, an open-air car without glass side windows that occasionally had changeable panels of fabric or additional material for safety from the elements.

Sports Car

Sports Car is a small, two-door, two-seater, powered engine automobile designed for nimble handling and forceful performance. The categories of Sports Car range from models that simply have appearance packages or sporty designing to full-on performance-focused sedans, roadsters, coupes, and hatchbacks that can increase speed quickly and challenge corners with nimbleness and agile proficiency. Frequently, the great-performance quotient approaches at the cost of a noisy, rough drive and limited traveller or load space. Compromises are normal, as these sports vehicles mainly exist to entertain the driver.  

Luxury Car

Luxury Car is a marketing term used by automobile manufacturers to promote luxury; pleasant or desirable features beyond necessity and of course at a certain expense. This term can be used onto any vehicle type and to any size. Luxury Cars are designed and branded to convey a certain brand, status or prestige, hence targeting at particular socio-economic class. Luxury Cars are usually designed for better performance, better comfort, higher design, highly technologically innovative. However, in today context, luxurious can be perceptual, conditional and subjective that may be comprehended differently.

Hatchback Car

Hatchback Car also described as three or five-door (front entry and the hatch) car body configuration where the rear door is able to swing upwards to provide access to an area behind for cargo. Some Hatchback Car any also features fold-down second-row seating, giving the flexibility of re-configuring between passengers vs cargo volume. In some of the models, there will come in other range such as the Ford Focus (2001 – 2007), that offered sedan, wagon and three or five-door hatchback models. However, a Hatchback Car model will typically share a platform, drivetrain and bodywork forward of the A-pillar.

Multi-Purpose Vehicle

MPV stands for Multi-purpose Vehicle –is a kind of vehicle usually preferred by families due to an additional practical interior as compared to normal hatchback’s, frequently coming in seven and five seat forms.

Sports Utility Vehicle

SUV’s Stands for Sports Utility Vehicle – Sports Utility Vehicles are the cars that are especially intended for off-road as well as hard terrains, these sports vehicles are designed with a great clearance, body on frame chassis, and filled with larger and better brute force.

Grand Tourer

Grand Tourer (also known as GT), is a luxury and great performance car skilful for long-distance and high-speed driving. The most usual set-up is a two-door front-engine back-wheel-drive vehicle with either a 2+2 or double-seat arrangement. The word GT originates from the language of Italian that phrase “Gran Turismo”, from the year 1950s it getting more popular in the English Language. During the year 1930s, it was developing from fast touring vehicles and modernized closed sports car.

Hybrid Car

As its name implies, a Hybrid car uses two distinct sources of energy to power the vehicle. The most common combination of energy source is using petrol/diesel for internal combustion energy to drive an electric generator that powers an electric motor. An internal battery is usually present to store any extra energy for later use. Hybrid cars have been developing vastly in popularity in Singapore. This popularity is not only strongly driven by the support of Government through rebate (Carbon Emission-based Vehicle Scheme, CEVS) but also hybrid car’s low fuel consumption capability.

Electric Car

Electric Car or Electric vehicle (also known as EVs), make use of electricity that is stored in a pack of the battery to turn the wheels and control an electric motor. While exhausted, the batteries of the Electric Car are renewed via grid power, also from a devoted charging unit or a wall socket. As they don’t run on diesel or petrol and are motorized completely by power, trucks, and battery electric cars are considered “entirely-electric” automobiles.

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